We are consistently searching for new ways to find ancient solutions for modern world focused with attention on the ecologically safe and sustainable products.  TreeChoice® is beyond appealing to your guests "green" sensibilities and providing sophisticated table presentation.

Savings: TreeChoice® is less expensive all around. Owning permanent dinnerware requires a large upfront investment. Renting means extra charges for delivery and for any lost damaged items. Celebrate without the worries of expensive tableware. We also give special discounts on large orders.

Safety: Our collections provide guests with new plate, bowl, or piece of cutlery each time. We make sure all of our products are thoroughly cleaned, heat pressed, handcrafted and fully sterilized before distribution to our customers.

Style: Sustainable lifestyle is our goal and purpose. We always see to it that our products are not out of fashion but evolves through the current modern styles. With TreeChoice® you always have the latest eco-styles!








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