Five Benefits of Biodegradable Dinnerware

Five Benefits of Biodegradable Dinnerware

Winter is a great time for big parties but demands a lot. TreeChoice's biodegradable palm leaf plates not only avert your worry of carrying dishes to your event, but it’s also incredibly easy to dispose of while keeping the environment green by reducing you and your family’s impact on nature. There are various benefits to using compostable dishes. 

Here are a few:
1. Green Entertaining: Since biodegradable plates are 100% compostable, they are Earth-friendly and won’t leave behind any toxic chemicals. You might even be helping the soil, as these often release nutrients as they degrade. 

2. Convenience: While you should be careful not to add too many plates at a time to your compost pile. Palm leaf products can often be broken up and tossed indirectly. Assuming you aren’t upsetting the balance of your waste, this can make cleaning up after your event a breeze! 

3. Energy Efficient: Compostable plates require less energy and fossil fuels to be manufactured. It’s an easy way to reduce the carbon footprint you and your family are leaving behind since the materials are easily renewable. 

4. They’re Chemical Free! Biodegradable dishes are free of chemical radicals and toxins and any bleaches or dyes that are used are completely safe and natural, as they are made from plant-based. 

5. Unbreakable: Perhaps one of the most important things for those who have small children, disposables are microwave safe and completely unbreakable, which makes them a great addition for kiddie parties and gatherings with several young ones. 

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